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14 July 2021

5 Vacuuming Hacks that Will Make Cleaning Way Easier

vacuum cleaning Stevepb

If you want a clean house, less allergens and no dog hair on the furniture or carpets, you will have to vacuum daily. To make the chore a bit easier, here are a five hacks that will help you use your vacuum cleaner more efficiently:

1 - Toilet paper rolls for hard to reach spots

Don’t throw away those empty cardboard toilet tissue rolls. These can be used as excellent ‘accessory’ pieces to your vacuum hose. Simply tape on the empty roll to the end of your hose and bend it just a bit. Now you have a gadget that can help you get dust off of the tops of curtains, around picture frames and up into the light fixtures of your ceiling fans.

These empty rolls also work great when you are getting down cob webs. Instead of trying to clean the webs from the end of your hose, simply tear off the tape and throw the empty roll away.

2 - Use panty hose to find your lost earrings

Did you lose one of your favorite diamond earring studs somewhere on the floor? Before you get down on your hands and knees, searching frantically, just grab a pair of panty hose. Stretch the nylon over the end of your vacuum cleaner hose. Now, when you go over the area where your earring (or any other missing small object) is, the nylon will catch the item and prevent it from being sucked into the vacuum.

Now you don’t need to tear open the dusty, nasty vacuum bag and try to locate the earring. Just pick your earring off of the vacuum hose and then turn your machine off and remove the nylons.

3 - Need electronic clean up?

It’s simple to turn your vacuum cleaner into a great electronics cleaner. Securely tape a squeeze ketchup nozzle to the end of your hose. Now you have the ability to gently get into the areas around keyboards or gaming controls and suck out that dirt. Use this trick to get around buttons on couch cushions, too. You can get rid of all of the crumbs between and under the couch cushions, in between the slats of the mini-blinds and in many other tight spots.

This hack will let you clean the sides of your recliner where things often go missing. You can also clean the floor vents and air-conditioners with this handy hack.

4 - Eliminate pet odor

Your pet has been part of your family for years, but its smell has unfortunately become part of the household. To help with the odors that are common with dogs and cats, sprinkle a little cinnamon into your vacuum filter or bag before you start cleaning. As the air flows through, the cinnamon will release a wonderful light scent in your home that will mask the pet odors.

5 - Get rid of roller bar tangles

It is inevitable that you will find hair and strings wound tightly around the roller bar of your vacuum from time to time. You can try to pull it loose or grab a kitchen knife or scissors and hope you don’t damage your machine, but there is an easier way. Grab a seam ripper. This little gadget will cut through the tangles without cutting your roller bar. Once it’s cut, the hair and threads are easily pulled out.