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By Education Team | 06 May 2019

6 Best Paid and Free Online English Classes

6 best paid and free english classes

Online English classes are the most convenient option for adults attempting to learn English. There are an array of options available, but which ones will suit your needs best? Below is a list of paid and free online English classes. Find the right option for you or for someone you know who could use some extra help learning English.

Best Free Online English Courses

USA Learns


Duolingo is a mobile app perfect for how to learn English in just a few minutes each day. This highly-interactive app features short, bite-size lessons in English grammar and vocabulary. Once you learn the lesson, you’ll have game-based quizzes you can take to practice and reinforce your new-found knowledge. Plus, Duolingo will remind you each day when it’s time to practice! Duolingo’s app is one of the best free English classes online.

MOOEC (Massive Open Online English Course)

MOOEC offers online English classes for free, with classes organized primarily by theme. Many of the classes were developed by other universities. The Elementary English Course offers 18 hours of content. If you want to go beyond the elementary course, there are also online courses with themes like asking for a job, managing time, writing an academic essay and more. Again, because the courses offered here are completely free, the online courses have limitations and you will not get much in terms of individual attention. They are, however, a convenient and free resource for English learners.

Best Online English Courses with Free & Paid Options

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Coursera is a popular online learning platform that offers a great selection of foreign language courses including English. Coursera is unique in that its classes are taught by professors from top universities around the world, like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and more. While many of Coursera’s English classes cost money, you can also find some online English classes for free on the platform.


Busuu is a global language learning community with English resources for how to learn English on both web and mobile platforms. Busuu’s platform is budget-friendly in that it has two different learning tiers: online English classes for free and Premium classes. Anyone can sign up for their free English classes online to get a feel for the platform and start learning English. The Premium membership will unlock advanced grammar and vocabulary lessons. Busuu’s language community of over 90 million members across the globe means English learners can get real-time feedback on their language skills from native English speakers in Canada, the US and more.

Best Paid Online English Courses

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EF English

Founded in 1996, EF English is one of the oldest digital English learning platforms. Plus, it’s online lessons and live teachers are available 24/7, so you can conveniently sync up your lessons with your schedule. EF English is split into 16 levels of lessons, all aligned with standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). For each of the 16 levels you pass, you’ll earn a certificate that you can show to employers or schools to back up your English expertise.

Open English

Open English offers live online classes with teachers available much like a real classroom. Students can ask live questions and interact with other students. Classes are available 24/7 and class sizes are smaller to improve teacher-student interaction. Because of these features, Open English comes at a price. The site does not post its prices publically on the site, but reviews have reported pricing as high as $1000 for a one-year subscription. Students who are ready to invest the time, energy, and money into learning the language and who want individual attention can consider this as a solid option.