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By Lifestyle Team | 07 June 2021

7 Different Types of Mattresses You Should Know About

types of mattresses

If long and restless nights have become part of your nightly routine, it may be time for you to get a new mattress. Before going out shopping for your perfect match, you should decide the right mattress for you to make shopping simpler. Luckily, this list of seven different mattress types will help lead you down the road to better sleep.

Memory Foam

First up on the list are the memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are best for people who tend to sleep on their sides as the memory foam will take the form of your body. Memory foam mattresses are perfect for sleepers who need a bit of extra support to help them sleep. Another great benefit of sleeping on memory foam mattresses is that they are made of multiple layers of foam that solve the problem of mattresses that sag in the middle. This will help eliminate your monthly mattress flip as the mattress will still be full and able to support you. Click here to find the best memory foam mattresses!


Similar to memory foam mattresses, gel mattresses are also great for supporting your body as you sleep. Another useful feature of these types of mattresses is that they disperse your body heat better than a foam mattress. For people who tend to get hot during the night, a gel mattress may be the perfect solution for you.

Pillow Top

A pillow top mattress is the best mattress for sleepers who like a soft and cushioned sleep experience. Pillow tops are an extra layer of softness to add to your innerspring mattress and will provide comfort for sleeper’s hips, shoulders, and back.


This type of mattress is best for those who like firm and even support. Depending on the number of springs inside of the mattress, your sleeping experience will be well supported. These mattresses are great for those of you who sleep on your back or stomachs. Find here the best innerspring mattresses!


A waterbed mattress is full of water as its main source of support instead of springs. These mattresses are often topped with a soft foam padding to provide extra comfort for the sleeper. Waterbeds can either be free-flowing, allowing the water to swish freely under your body, or limited-flowing to provide stability to you as you sleep.


Much like a waterbed, these types of mattresses are full of air as their support system. Airbeds allow you to adjust how firm your mattress is by simply adding or taking away more air. This is the best mattress for couples because some types of airbeds allow you to adjust the amount of air on each side of the mattress. This lets you have a sleeping experience custom just for you and your partner as you sleep.


Latex mattresses are similar in concept to memory foam mattresses, however, instead of memory foam, these mattresses use latex foam. Latex mattresses are less dense than ones made with memory foam and they are also a lot cooler. These mattresses are ideal for any kind of sleeper because of how versatile they can be.

When searching for a new mattress it is important to consider factors such as how you tend to sleep, and the level of support you need during the night. Buying a mattress is a big purchase and can make such a big impact on your life. Hopefully, this list made your search for the best mattress to bring home a whole lot easier.