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By Consumer Team | 15 July 2021

8 Features You Should Look for in an SUV Today


Are you thinking of getting a new car for yourself this season? Buying a new car may seem like a herculean task, but we can actually make your task easier. Below, find useful information to help you choose a better SUV. It often happens that you decide on the color and the model of the car, but have no idea what features to look for. A large storage space and good seating is a start, but then what?

If you intend to buy an SUV, make sure you look up for these features while choosing your dream car.

1. Fuel Economy

Obviously the most important thing that comes to your mind when buying a car is its fuel economy. See to it that your SUV is fuel-efficient. Also it should not harm the environment. If you are looking for good fuel economy, you can choose cars with lower displacement. A crossover compact SUV will be a great choice.

2. Comfort

The car should offer you a comfortable drive. You don’t want your car to have less leg space, do you? Also, look out for cruise control and an electronic stability program. A large storage space is helpful more often than not. The seating should also be designed with maximum emphasis on comfort.

3. Two wheel drive or all wheel drive

2WD allows only the front or rear wheel to power the car. The four wheel, on the other hand, gives the driver the freedom to choose between the four wheel and the two wheel power while driving. You may just want to go in for off roading - it ensures you a grip on the road whether you are in snow, mud or rough terrains.

4. Sunroof

When you choose your car, you can opt for one which has a sunroof. It adds that extra charm and gives your car impeccable elegance and beauty. It makes you the proud owner of a car which stands out from the rest in the crowd.

5. Parking sensors

Your car should have parking sensors. If you get a car without parking sensors and front and back cameras, you might run into another car and cause jeopardy soon. Here you can find the best parking sensors of 2018!

6. Sound system

While choosing your car, you can look for cool options like a hard drive music register, or Harman/Kardon premium audio systems. You can also have a look at the dual screen rear seat DVD entertainment system. You can even install a Wi-Fi hotspot and even an iPad docking station on it. Marvellous, isn’t it? A good sound system can make your driving experience even better.

7. GPS navigation

Gone are the days when you had to stop over and ask people for directions. You can have GPS Satellite Navigation in your own SUV. It has a touch screen mirror and you can pan routes to traffic congestions. Wait, it doesn’t end here. You can also make and receive phone calls hands free through the central touch screen monitor. An accurate GPS navigation system will make your journeys effortless.

8. Safety

Last but not the least; you need a car which is safe to drive. Your SUV should have well-functioning and durable airbags. It is necessary that these airbags provide you a safety cushion from all sides and all angles. If your car is suddenly hit from the side, the side impact door beams should be there to save you.

So here you go. Now you know exactly what to look for in your SUV. Think properly, be wise and choose well.