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27 Mar. 2018

Living as a Senior: From Nursing Homes to Independent Living

nursing home and senior living options

If you or someone you love is a senior citizen seeking to get the most out of their living situation, you will be happy to know that there are many options available to you. Senior housing can range from nursing homes to active adult communities. Learn more about the most common types of housing available for seniors in order to make the best choice possible.

Nursing Care

Nursing care facilities, also known as nursing homes, are designed to meet the needs of senior citizens who require 24 hour access to a skilled nurse and other medical professionals. This option is ideal for anyone struggling with a preexisting medical condition or disability who wants the ability to live in a clean and socially active facility with on site medical staff. In a nursing home, housekeeping services such as regular cleaning, fresh linens and even laundry service are included. Nursing homes also offer fun social events as well as daily recreational options for residents to enjoy during their stay. Choosing to live in a nursing care facility is the lowest stress option available and may not be ideal for active seniors.

Assisted Care

Assisted care maximizes independent living for seniors who only require occasional personal care from a nurse or help with daily living tasks. These residential living communities offer personalized support services and healthcare, but typically do not involve any skilled nursing assistance. However, you always have the option of involving your own private healthcare service provider if more support is needed. They are ideal for senior citizens with a disability or medical attention that requires infrequent support from staff. Assisted care aims to allow senior citizens to get the most out of each day by eliminating excess worries such as yard maintenance.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Another option for seniors in need of services are Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC). These communities are designed to meet the ever changing needs of currently active seniors and those in need of more daily assistance. They integrate basic nursing aid and also skilled nursing if needed, making them a flexible choice of housing. Hospice, respite and rehabilitative services are also available.

Independent Living Communities

Active seniors who do not need nursing assistance may prefer independent living communities. These residential facilities offer a wide variety of fun recreational activities for seniors as well as organized social events. Independent living communities are an excellent way to make new friends and explore hobbies and interests. Independent living communities are very similar to 55+ communities, however they typically provide more enriched living activities and amenities.

55+ Communities

If you do not require any nursing services or assisted living help, a 55+ community may be worth looking into. These options are widely available and typically involve suburban homes or apartments. They offer reduced housing cost to age qualified individuals and often include on site amenities such as pool and spa access, golf and other perks. If assistance is needed, you would need to use your own private healthcare provider as on site care is generally not available. This option is ideal for very active seniors.

Choosing the best living environment for a senior citizen can be challenging with so many options to compare. Take your time and carefully assess your needs prior to making your final decision. Doing this will help you rest assured knowing that you made the right choice for yourself or a loved one.