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By Lifestyle Team | 16 Mar. 2022

Top Car Insurance For Young Drivers 2021: Cheap Rates, Young Driver Deals, Instant Quotes

It’s exciting to finally enter the world of driving – and also, memorable. It usually marks a milestone in a person’s life. Young or old, being a new driver elicits some kind of excitement and at the same time fear of the unknown.

As a driver in Canada, you must have car insurance or you could be fined. Asides from it being a rule, as an inexperienced driver, you are at higher risk of being involved in an accident so it’s better to know you have the right coverage to protect you, your passenger,, and other drivers in the event of one. Being insured means you don’t have to bear the expenses alone.

How to Get the Cheapest and Best Car Insurance as a New Driver

There are private and public auto insurance companies functioning in various provinces in Canada. While some provinces do not provide you with an option of which insurance company to use, others do. Auto insurance can be quite costly so you must aim to get the best rate. To get cheap insurance as a new driver, you should:

  • consider being added to your family policy
  • receive and compare quotes from various insurance providers
  • consider the availability of special offers and discounts for new drivers

When comparing car insurance online, you should expect to see that the rates for new and young drivers are usually higher. This is because you belong to a category classified as high risk. As an inexperienced driver, you’re prone to accidents which make it likely for you to make a claim. Also, when you see special offers, be sure that they suit your lifestyle and you meet their requirements.

Best Car Insurance Providers for Young/New Drivers

Among the many car insurance providers, these are the companies that provide the cheapest and best offers for new drivers:

Desjardins Insurance

Desjardins Insurance is a provider that serves most of Canada. At Desjardins Insurance, you qualify for their student discount if you are a full-time student at college or university and you’re under 25. You also qualify for this discount if you’re a recent graduate. This discount helps you save up to 10% of your rate. You can also qualify for a 4% winter saving if your car has 4 winter tires. Joining your family’s policy is a great idea because with the multi-vehicle discount available, you get to help them save money.


Aviva is a popular insurance company that serves a lot of people. With Aviva insurance company, you are rewarded for having a clean driving experience. This involves staying claims-free and without convictions. You help save money when you insure more than one vehicle and also when you insure your house and car with them.

TD Insurance

TD Insurance has some insurance products including auto insurance. Enrolling and completing a driver’s course can earn you a significant discount. You can also join your parent’s policy so they enjoy the multi-vehicle discount. If you’re away at school, you can qualify for a discount. TD insurance is one of the cheapest providers in Canada.


Manitoba insurance is among the cheapest in the country. They are the sole provider of car insurance for those in Manitoba. All drivers in Manitoba must be registered with Manitoba Insurance as private insurance companies are not allowed. To understand how your rate is calculated, there are factors considered which include the type of vehicle you drive, where you live, what you use your vehicle for, and your driving record.

Private Insurance providers are not available in all provinces in Canada so based on where you live, you may be without the luxury of an option. Based on our research, Desjardins Insurance proves to be the best choice based on the quality of their services and the offers available.