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By Lifestyle Team | 06 July 2021

What to Know about Tarot Card Readings

tarot card readings

Using your past, the present, and your spiritual quandaries, tarot card reading provides insight into the future. A tarot card deck contains 78 cards, and each card has distinct imagery and symbolism. In traditional tarot readings, the full deck is actually made up of two separate decks, which are Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. Major Arcana has 22 cards, and each card represents spiritual growth. Major Arcana cards are generally used to address questions of a spiritual nature. Minor Arcana cards are divided into four suits, or groups, of fourteen cards each. Each Minor Arcana suit contains ten numerically ordered cards and a set of four court cards. Minor Arcana cards address issues of human interest, such as love, challenges, money, and communication. In a tarot card reading, the Reader considers your question and consults the deck of cards to show an answer.

Where do Tarot Cards Come from?

Tarot card readings started in northern Italy around the mid-1400s. These cards were originally used to play Italian card games like tarochinni. It was not until the 17th century that tarot cards were ascribed their current use for divination. Card decks evolved over the years, and the modern deck used in Western readings today is based on a deck created in 1910. This deck, which was produced with a guide book explaining the cards and how to read them, boosted the popularity of tarot card readings virtually overnight. Some variations in tarot card deck styles have appeared since 1910, but the general format of the card deck remains the same.

Tarot card readings are a good way to get an answer, or at least unbiased guidance, about an area of life that you’re not sure about. This can pertain to relationships, a long-distance move, a change in careers, and other questions that might not have straightforward or obvious answers. Card readers take into consideration your past and present, as well as your personal qualities, to generate a thoughtful and honest response to your question. Furthermore, a trained Reader will know how to use the tarot deck, which makes for an even more intimate and accurate reading. Getting a tarot reading once will provide some guidance on a current issue, but many people find that getting more frequent readings, ideally at least once each season, provides ongoing guidance. Regular readings can also help you take necessary actions to prevent a bad situation in the future. Frequent readings can also be used on a situational basis. If you are going through a difficult life situation, such as marriage problems, having a frequent tarot reading may help you work through the troubling situation.

Where to Find a Tarot Card Reader

As with other forms of divination, you can find a tarot card reader in person, perhaps even close to your own home. Some Readers offer sessions over the phone, which is a good option if you are busy and can’t easily access a Reader. Another resource for tarot card readings is the internet. Tarot card readings can be requested on many popular astrology and horoscope sites. One popular site where you can go to find a tarot card reader is Oranium. Another is Along with tarot card readings, both websites offer additional resources for spiritual guidance. Oranum, for example, also has numerology, palm readings, dream interpretations, and astrological readings based on your Zodiac sign. has psychic readings and horoscopes for love, careers, finance, and more.